Kochen Erleben

Making people happy with food is his job. Ulrich received his training at the renowned Hotel “zum Steinernen Schweinchen” in Kassel. As a fresh, young chef, Ulrich set out to make the most exciting and colorful city in Germany his home - he moved to Berlin! There he acquired experience in refined gastronomy at several up-scale restaurants. Having gained skills but wanting to learn even more, Ulrich travelled to Avignon in the French Provence to learn the secrets of the refined French cuisine. After this rich and educational experience, Ulrich wondered: what to do with with all the newly acquired knowledge? He did not want to keep it to himself, so he decided to pass it on, and founded “Kochen-Erleben” (which could be translated as cooking-savouring). The idea of his newly created company is to cook together and to learn and have fun at the same time. Apart from his cooking events, you will find a range of offers on his website. You are welcome explore!



Let Ulrich Beier cater your event.
No matter which venue, size or type, with us your catering event will be in good hands.
Let the young, innovative chef and his team pamper you with creative culinary delights.
“Our culinary horizon is broadening from day to day. We are constantly on the lookout for fresh inspirations for our kitchen. Freshness and authenticity of the ingredients is especially important to us. We prepare our dishes using gentle processing methods, in order to maintain the food’s naturalness and taste.
You will tell by our food’s taste that we love to cook.”
We will do our best to make your event unforgettable. Our teamwork has stood the test – now try our first class and see for yourself.


How about an extravagant and exciting team-event for your team to get to know each other or to development that team feeling?
Book a cooking event with Ulrich Beier!
We can organize an event for up to 150 people. We guarantee it will stay remembered.
Creating a culinary event together is the challenge that awaits us. Don’t hesitate – book an unforgettable experience for your team and yourself!
Bringing together people is what cooking together is all about.
We meet at the same level with a cooking spoon in our hands!
You will be surprised what your team can achieve.
As a young but experienced chef, Ulrich Beier makes his cooking events very interesting and educative, but most of all: they are entertaining!
We welcome you together with Ulrich Beier and his team.


Cooking class

Come and learn from the chef. As a passionated and creativ cook Ulrich teach you the nouvelle cuisine. Discover different kitchen by taking part of the many cooking classes from Ulrich.

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"Dicover Georgia"

Discover Georgian delicacies!


Georgia's rich and diverse cuisine is our speciality, which we'd love to share with you. We offer both public and private cooking courses,  come experience Georgia's cuisine in all its textures!


For our cooking courses we offer a delicious three course menu, paired with specially chosen Georgian wine from a small family-run vineyard.








The team


raised up in Kassel a small city in the middle of Germany.

Nowadays cooking and living in the capital Berlin.

Ulrich is up to big events and cooking parties and still looking for

new inspiration in his job.



raised up in Berlin when he began to cook.

His passion belongs to asian and german kitchen.

Paul expiriencend in different hotels and famous restaurants

and knows much about fine cooking. Let him be your own chef.


also raised up in Kassel. He was working during his apprentice ship in the

recommended hotel Mövenpick before he went to Munich to work for

several well known restaurants. Christian decided to go to Berlin to found

an Organisation with Ulrich : "Kochen Erleben".





is from Italy what is his advantage for the needed emotions for

the real italian kitchen. Marcello is a professional if the issues are anti pasti,

pasta and all the italian dishes. Furthermore he is a professional for the arabic kitchen.





If Rico joys your event you made the right descision. Graduated at a recommended

butler school he learned how to make a perfekt and appropriate service.

For Kochen Erleben Rico organizes the cooking events with Ulrich.

In this combination you expirience the perfekt service.