raised up in Kassel a small city in the middle of Germany.

Nowadays cooking and living in the capital Berlin.

Ulrich is up to big events and cooking parties and still looking for

new inspiration in his job.



raised up in Berlin when he began to cook.

His passion belongs to asian and german kitchen.

Paul expiriencend in different hotels and famous restaurants

and knows much about fine cooking. Let him be your own chef.


also raised up in Kassel. He was working during his apprentice ship in the

recommended hotel Mövenpick before he went to Munich to work for

several well known restaurants. Christian decided to go to Berlin to found

an Organisation with Ulrich : "Kochen Erleben".





is from Italy what is his advantage for the needed emotions for

the real italian kitchen. Marcello is a professional if the issues are anti pasti,

pasta and all the italian dishes. Furthermore he is a professional for the arabic kitchen.





If Rico joys your event you made the right descision. Graduated at a recommended

butler school he learned how to make a perfekt and appropriate service.

For Kochen Erleben Rico organizes the cooking events with Ulrich.

In this combination you expirience the perfekt service.