Team Event
How about an extravagant and exciting team-event for your team to get to know each other or to development that team feeling?
Book a cooking event with Ulrich Beier!
We can organize an event for up to 150 people. We guarantee it will stay remembered.
Creating a culinary event together is the challenge that awaits us. Don’t hesitate – book an unforgettable experience for your team and yourself!
Bringing together people is what cooking together is all about.
We meet at the same level with a cooking spoon in our hands!
You will be surprised what your team can achieve.
As a young but experienced chef, Ulrich Beier makes his cooking events very interesting and educative, but most of all: they are entertaining!
We welcome you together with Ulrich Beier and his team.
We also enjoy catering for weddings and birthday parties. Let us pamper you with our culinary delights. Enjoy the atmosphere of our extravagant locations. Our events take place at many different locations in Berlin and the rest of Germany, in lofts, big kitchen studios or even outdoors. 
We cook wherever you feel at home, no matter where that may be.
Visit us and convince yourself. We look forward to your individual inquiries.